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Monday, April 5, 2010

MUNWAI: dad! i have tuition tomorrow..
DAD: then?!
MUNWAI: can you fetch me back?
DAD: where's your mom?!
MUNWAI: tomorrow is tuesday.. she cant fetch me..
DAD: why on thursday she can fetch, but on tuesday she cant?!
MUNWAI: thursday actually she cant.. just because of she need to fetch ah teng then sun bin fetch me..
DAD: do you know i dont have time?!
MUNWAI: *speechless*
DAD: if your mom dont fetch then you no need to go tuition..!!
MUNWAI: *back my own sit*
DAD: i very busy.. in the night i have to work, morning i have to work and bla bla bla~=S

i was thinking why did my dad said that to me..
im polite enough to talk to him..
where's his manners?!!!!!!
am i not important for him?
am i still in his heart?
since she born the baby..
me, ah teng and munyee was not on his sight..
very suffer in this family..
hope to grow up faster and then go outstation to study..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

today is mom's birthday..
yesterday i bought a dress for her..
she was so happy..
today she wear the dress out..
we went to jj..
i saw many ppl that i known..
and today dad scolded me why not going back home..
i didnt answer him..
then he 'kam' my phone..
felt not syok dy..
then many sad things came out from my head..
then i texted YY..
and yet argue with her..
actually i dont hope that..
that time i very unhappy..
and your conversation were very rude..
i hate that..
and then HoeyYan chat with me..
i tell her about my family..
because i was very very very fan and felt wanna cry..
at last when im typing msg to her, i cried out..
i was very weak..
and i cry yin yao cry..
then only i felt okay..
i love my family..
dont make me hate my family..
be the eldest not that good..
and yet be the smallest not that good too..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

long time didnt post le..
and im back..
i've been caught by my mom last and last tuesday..
because i went to parade..
because i didnt ask for her permission to go there..
mom said althought the next day is my birthday i should tell her too..
anyway, sorry mom..
i promised her not going out with friends anymore without her permission..
maybe library jao can la..
so, i'll go to library ge jek..
no other place..
when i went to hk, there are few things happened at school
and now i fan min with my friends..
they very zin..
since i back from hk..
i didnt talk with them..
anyway, thats my reasons..

went to hk on 25th february..
syok nyer..
first time sat aeroplane..
i like the trip anyway..
hope to go the again..
but i dont like their food
and their thai dou very char..

Saturday, February 20, 2010


lin 30 man;
go out eat with family..
then go my aunt's house..
then Samtoh and Emiko ask me wanna join them..
then i said yes..
we go fetch Ah Mun first
then go tong kui[station 1 cafe]
not soo many ppl jek la..
thought wanna go clubbing..
but i cant go..
then they ordered BEER..
i dont dare to drink la..
then Hoey Yan and her bf join us..
play poker with them..
who lose who didnt the beer..
Hoey Yan lose.. she drink it..
then i lose.. *sighs*
i terpaksa drink it..
before back home..
i ate jo 3 or 4 kopiko...
because dont wanna let my parents know that i drink beer..
pandai right?
then we go back my aunty's house..
play bomberman..childish-nyer..but very syok..
1.30 am my cousinc and i go jj watch movie..[72 bla bla bla]
i dont know what name..
i think 4 only back home..
very tired then jao sleep jo lu..

chor 1;
dad call me wake up..
but i told him that i very tired..
then he let me sleep
he go play mahjong with his friends..
i wake up then go bath..
before bath i curl my hair..hehehe..
fat hou
then i tied up my hair because i curl dou yin yeong jo..
dad gave me angpao..xD
then go my aunt's house again..
took picture with my cousin..

Seng Hoo and me..=]

chor 2;
wake up in the AFTERNOON..
not morning..hehe
go kopitiam with my family..
many ppl la..
we almost wait jo half an hour sin get our lunch..
my cousins brother beh tahan then go mcd eat..
fast + delicious..
go aunt's house again..
it seems boring but actually not la..
go there got lots of fun..
my dad go play mahjong..
then we go eat..
after eat we back home..
sien dou..
i think almost 11 gam my dad ask me wanna go my aunt's house or not..
then i said of course la
gam sien
reached there..
first thing is gambling..
then took some pictures..

my dad stick his ass on the chair for many hours to play mahjong
they play until 4.30 gam..
but i play bomberman..
nothing to do la..
dad said back home le..
yay..can balik rumah tidur..

chor 3;
back my mom's house..
gambling again..

chor 4;
back aunt's house..
because got mou si..
many ppl at her house..
mou si reached le..
everybody get down and see..

chor 5;
Hoey Yan ask me to her birthday party..
ten i ask mom..
mom nag me for awhile..
at last she gave me go..
almost 12.30 gam Hoey Yan's dad reached my popo's house..
i get into her car..
i was blur and forget to wish her dad
because i thought her dad is her brother..
i dont know what should i call him..
then she told me that is her dad..
then i said 'uncle'
uncle gave me an angpao..
we reached Mama Mia..
but havent open yet..
then we go Delight..
i thought ZhiYing was there..
actually she went out..
i called her to find me when she back..
miss her so much la..
then i back home le..


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Argue again..

in this year
i'd argued with Sofea for three time..
its only two months for school..
if one year, how could i survive?
i didnt betray her, but she said so..
i dont feel comfortable anyway..
i treat her good, did i?
Eugenia also said that..
but she really make me up set..
at last i say sorry to her..
i should not do that..
become a friend better than become an enemy..
i know she just pretend to 'friend' with me..
friendship no more longer..
who care?
i dont care..
and yesterday went to parade..
go with Hoeyyan, Munyee, Samtoh and Ah mun..
quite syok actually..
then me and Hoeyyen went to AMC..
but i dont dare to go inside the school.
luckily i didnt go in AMC
because Mrs. Lee is inside there..
today after school dismiss i rush into my mom's car..
because i scared i late for tuition..
every week also like that..
very busy..
but just only for Thursday..
in the night only can rest..
just now mom suddenly told me
'you and Munyee are sisters..anyway, you have to appreaciate her as your own sis'
then i told my mom what i dont like about my sis..
then i cried out..that time we was at the 'ong kee' nga choi kai..
got many people looking at me..
pai seh nya..
mom told me many things..
i did help my sis more..
but she's the one who dont appreaciate me ma.. not meh?
feel so small already la me..
sleep le..byebye

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lepak at parade..xD..syoknyer..

went to parade today..
very syok lehh..
first we met Kelvin..
then we go kopitiam...
because Kelvin called so..
after a few minutes..
i saw somebody went into the Kopitiam..
guess who??
he saw me, i saw him..
i was very happy..
but got a bit dont wanna see dou him..
i crazy dy..
then when he was ordering something at the counter..
i went to the toilet..
because i wanna avoid him..
but then he go toilet too..
i think he heard what i told Kitmun..
its about him..
my god..
pai seh nyer...!!
he used the public phone to make a call..
i was waiting him 'getting lost'
but i scared he know that..
so i just walk out from the toilet..
his friends look at me..
then i back kopitiam
he back kopitiam too..
Sofea point me with her finger to him..
he just smile..
then me and Kitmun walk together..
Kelvin with Sofea of course..
then i told Kitmun that i wanna find him..
she bring me go find him at Imax, foodcourt..
but he's not there..
then she bring me to Bowling cheong..
before i step in ..
i already saw him..
then i ran out..
when i saw him, my mind was thinking 'get off la you'
what happened to me?
Sofea said HI to him..
he said HI to Sofea too..
funny her and him
then we back to school..
i saw many pupils in yellow colour shirt..
6.30pm i went into my bus..
i was thinking what happened at parade..
and i felt wanna see him..
at last i success..
i saw him at the outside of my bus..
then back home..
Sofea told me that she cant go and watch movie with me dy
i was very angry..
i told him 'dont want go jao dont want go la.. bye'
saya sangat kejam la...
i have no mood to do my homework dy..
then i make a decision to ONLINE..
later on going to sleep..

Saturday, January 30, 2010


yesterday before i went to sleep..
i sent 'i miss you' to him..
he speechless..
then i told him 'forget what i told you just now'
he doesnt reply me..
then i slept..
in the morning..
i went to Emiko's room..
i get a news..
he sent 'i miss you' to my sis..
i hate you freaking damn much..
i tell myself to let him go..
i will..
just will make myself more suffer if i still like you..
and because of you
i rejected him..
i hurted him..
if i still like you, everybody will say im a selfish person..
so, i have to~
i can see you in bus except i didnt sit..
maybe a week 3 or 4 times..
its enough..
im hungry..
now is 3.33pm..
where is my lunch?
where is Samtoh?
buy ingredient dou gam loi meh?
CNY coming soon..
will be celebrate with my family..
maybe with my friends if i free..
of course wont stay at home..
very busy ge le..
use those CNY money to buy things that i like..
but i know mummy dont let ge le
give her half of my money to bank in la..
pandai kan?
havent finish my homework..
lazy lahh..
still have moral karangan, sejarah karangan, add maths and pj
do sei me le..
dont know why gam dor homework gehh...
i told emiko
' i realise that study more happier that work'
because work cannot holiday..
maybe one week once..
but study got 2 days holidays of a week..
am i right?
work for the whole day..
study for 6 hours..
study lagi untung..